At the crossroads of online-offline

Modern man faces the choice of online or offline education.

Here’re the advantages and disadvantages of these two formats:

- Cost

Studying offline usually costs more. This is due to the fact that the cost includes payment for the teacher’s time, rental of premises, expenses for the preparation and printing of handouts, as well as transportation costs and so on. The case with online courses isn’t the same. Here, rental costs, household and other needs are reduced.

- Comfortable conditions / Location

Online learning is not limited by territory - this is an undeniable advantage. You choose where to study, you only need the access to the Internet. A comfortable environment allows you to better perceive new information and study at courses that are not held in your city or even your country. In the case of offline, you have to look for courses near you and take time to get the place.

- Flexibility / Schedule / Occupation load

In modern conditions, time-management plays a big role in our life. With online courses, there’re all the possibilities of independent and effective management of your time. Offline trainings requires additional time. You will have to adjust your schedule to the training schedule and spend time on the road.

- Temp / Assimilation of material / Repeat

Buying courses at Recourseo.Org, you get lifetime access to the courses, you always have the opportunity to return to studying the topic, for example, to re-watch the video of the lesson and consolidate knowledge.

- Live communication

With offline courses, you communicate with the lecturer personally, you can ask him questions that interest you. Online courses at Recoursio.Org will give you an opportunity to directly contact the course lecturer and ask him questions.

- Problems on the way to learning

Unfortunately, any external situation can interfere the offline learning. We were convinced of this after the recent changes related to COVID-19. In the case of distance learning you need only two things - access to the Internet and enthusiasm to improve your skills.