Be ready for the future. Develop your skills permanently.

We examine recent research on how the 'fourth industrial revolution', driven primarily by AI and automation, is likely to affect the jobs market, both generally and in the IT sector.

Based on the outlook, we can assume that automation-related job losses are predicted across both developed and emerging economies, predominantly in white-collar office and admin roles. But new — mostly higher-level — jobs will also be created. Managing the transition to mitigate negative effects such as increased inequality will be an important task for governments and businesses.

The IT sector is well placed to weather the coming 'fourth industrial revolution', with good employment growth prospects and above-average determination among leading companies to invest in retraining current employees where necessary.

If you're working in IT or considering a career in this field, look to develop skills in key areas such as cyber-security, software development and data science (including AI). Don't fear automation too much just yet, but be prepared to find yourself implementing and/or working with cognitive systems in the near future.