4 best programs for recording video from your computer screen

Recording video from a computer screen is an important function for teachers. The result is a static (photo) or dynamic (video) image. This tool is the easiest way to store information and is suitable for creating video tutorials and step-by-step algorithms.

We present you the most convenient software tools for solving this problem.

First of all, remember that pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard saves a full static image of the screen in the clipboard, which can be easily placed in any program that has the ability to do this using the Ctrl+V keys or the Paste button. Basically, these are text (MS Word) and photo (Paint, Adobe Photoshop) editors, in which the image can be edited or saved. The Alt+Print Screen keyboard shortcut does the same with the active window.

At first glance, the simplicity and convenience of this method, however, have drawbacks. If the teacher needs not only to fix the image on the screen, but also to change its shape, cut, change the size, he will not be able to cope without the help of an additional program.

To solve such problems, there are special programs for which two important features can be distinguished: speed and ease of use.

1. Bandicam

This is one of the most popular screen capture software. Allows you to record both the entire screen and part of it. You can include the camera image as well as the microphone sound in the video. The program is mainly used to record the passage of games, but is also suitable for shooting video lessons.

The settings are very simple, the simplest computer skills are enough to run the program and quickly master it.


2. CamStudio

A completely free program for capturing video from the screen. Allows you to create video files, including audio, and save them in AVI format. In the main window of the program there are buttons to start and stop recording. You can change the settings from the menu.


3. OBS Studio

This program is known to many as a tool for organizing live broadcasts on Facebook. However, it is also suitable for recording video on the screen. Moreover, the program allows you to do this in high-quality HD և FullHD formats. If you add to all this the fact that the program is free, we get a pretty good option.

OBS Studio

4. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a powerful and feature-rich program that allows you to create videos for different purposes using a combination of professional tools. It also has an editor with which you can modify the video screen file in the program, apply beautiful additions to it. We use the capabilities of this program when preparing courses in our project.

Camtasia Studio

Of course, this is not all possible solutions to the problem, many other programs can be found in search engines. Choose the one that suits you and create educational programs to pass on your knowledge to others and earn money from it.