Recoursio Academy and Hirenet signed a memorandum of cooperation

The educational platform Recoursio Academy and the Hirenet project signed a memorandum of cooperation, within which the site Recoursio.Org From now on, will become the main platform for online courses of Hirenet.

"Attaching importance to the implementation of joint programs by healthy forces in the field of education, we are pleased to see among our partners an organization with such experience in the field of human resource management as Hirenet. I am sure that with joint efforts and the use of the latest educational technologies, we will be able to offer higher-level services to the society," said Samvel Bektashyan, Head of the Recoursio Academy project.

"Progress and development are extremely important for both organizations and professionals. To be competitive in the economy, the company must always follow modern requirements. Keeping up with the market trends, the Recoursio Academy project has created such a progressive opportunity. Sharing the vision of Recoursio Academy, we are starting this cooperation with great responsibility. We are confident that through the joint efforts of the two companies, the education and development system will have a more advanced position, " said HireNet Director Anna Baroyan.

About Hirenet

The main goal of the project is to facilitate the process of attracting new employees of companies, saving human, time, and financial resources. To solve these problems, Hirenet conducts certain work with candidates, including by organizing courses to improve their professional qualities, testing and certifying existing knowledge and skills.