Studying abroad. How to choose a country and educational institution

Today, education abroad has ceased to be an unattainable dream for many young people, unless, of course, they are active and purposeful. There are many options, but the issue of choosing a specific university should be approached very retrospectively. Not only on how the applicant's life will turn out in the coming years, but also his entire future work career depends on that.

What to choose

First you need to make a list of your preferred countries and universities. By initially choosing one educational institution, the applicant significantly reduces his chances of studying abroad. When compiling a list, it is advisable to identify the countries in which you would like to study first, and then give preference to the universities that operate in that country. This way, you don't have to waste time gathering unnecessary information.

Select your country

1. Primary language. Pay attention to the state language of the country. Usually Russian-speaking or English-speaking countries are chosen, but it is possible that you speak another language և in this regard new horizons will open before you.

2.Average prices. Remember, you need more than just studying. And even if you are admitted free of charge, the daily living costs are not the same in different countries. So, correctly assess your financial capabilities in order to avoid many problems in the future.

3. Mentality. Be sure to pay attention to the customs and manners in the chosen country, because throughout the course of your studies you will communicate not only with your fellow students, but also with ordinary people.

4. The presence of friends and relatives. It will be much easier if you have friends or relatives in this country. They will help you at least with advice, and it will be easier for you to adapt to the new environment.

5. Migration legislation. Be sure to check your future status from a legal point of view. Contact embassies or travel agencies that specialize in international travel to find out the answers to any questions you may have.

Choosing an educational institution

1. We are looking for a university according to its educational focus. First, you need to choose the profession that you want to get, after which you need to understand which foreign universities have educational programs in the relevant specialty. It is clear that the temptation to enter an educational institution with the highest rating in this profession is great, but first you need to really assess your abilities, and also take into account the great competition for one place. It often happens that the educational program in your chosen profession is very competitive in little-known educational institutions. Therefore, pay attention to the educational trajectory of well-known specialists in the chosen field. Be sure, you will find many interesting universities there.

2. Requirements for applicants. The criteria that applicants should pay attention to are usually published on the websites of universities. Follow them և, hone your knowledge if necessary.

3. Cost of education. Here you need to really evaluate your abilities. Very often the choice of the country and the educational institution depends on the material. But there are other ways to ease your financial burden.These are scholarships and grants that can be provided both by the university and various other funds.

4. Language of instruction. Even in non-English speaking countries, instruction is usually in English. You can find out about this in advance and if you do not speak fluently in the official language of the country, this cannot be an obstacle for you.

5. Training and employment opportunities. Education, by and large, loses its meaning if at the same time you cannot find a suitable job and apply your knowledge. Foreign educational institutions generally differ from local ones in that they pay attention to practical work. Check in advance if the university will help you find a job in the future, if it has a career center, etc.

These are some of the questions that we have selected from many that require special attention before leaving to study abroad. And no matter how many of them there are, it remains only to believe in yourself and move confidently towards your dream.