Increasing trend of Learning Experience Platforms

Learn-tech professionals have also seen a major boost in the past years in self-directed learning. Future-looking organizations are already on the front foot to leverage a learner-centric approach. According to «Towards Maturity», almost 19% of learners are leveraging IT tools, and this space is expected to witness a high growth rate (between 90%–190% by the end of 2020).

An LXP ( Learning Experience Platform) is an advanced, more intuitive and flexible version of an LMS (Learning Management System), which is designed to drive learning engagement through easy discoverability of (relevant and recommended) content. Although the LMS is still widely accepted as the go-to solution to deliver employee training, an LXP offers a new and more convenient experience for today’s learners, who expect simple and engaging learning environments. An LXP provides an increasingly self-directed learning approach by curating content, recommending skills to the students.